Here’s why you need a Social Media Content Calendar.

Andrew Livesey

Google and Hootsuite Certified.

EVERYONE IS BUSY, there’s no doubt about that these days. Most of us get round to social media when we can, maybe it’s when we’re doing something different that we think is worth posting about, such as a team building day or a day out in the mountains, maybe it’s the launch of a new product or service – it could be anything. I’ve been guilty of it in the past. When you’ve got work on, clients to keep happy and a life to lead it’s easy to let some things slip.

This is all too apparent when I look through most Social Media accounts, posts can be sporadic, lacking a theme and consistency or just voiced poorly. Taking the time to get Social Media right will see you reap the rewards ten fold. ↓

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources.”


A QUICK FIX to get you on the right road is to use a Social Media Content Calendar. I’ve seen and used multiple versions, all basically doing the same job. I’ve changed and refined my content calendar for ease of use and suggested amount of content, this way I can make sure I’m publishing the right amount of content at the right times with coherence.

Why a content calendar can help grow


It keeps you organised


Never miss important dates


It shows what you’ll be writing about


Effectively allocate resources


Helps you stay consistent

CONTENT CALENDARS go by a lot of names. You might also see them called “editorial calendars,” “marketing calendars,” “social media calendars,” or some other such term depending on how they’re being used. In any case, though, their purpose is about the same. They’re simply calendars that help you plan your marketing, content, and editorial initiatives.

How to Create Great Content

1. Think about your audience
2. Research what content resonates
3. Audit existing content
4. Create an overview of major events
5. Figure out calendar processes
7. Plan and schedule content ahead of publication

Content Calendar

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